Monday, November 12, 2007

10 Jobs I Would Gladly Try to Make a Living Doing

Buying good coffee and then drinking it.

Making homemade cards and selling them (or just sending them to friends. Either/or).

Writing haikus.

Listening to good music on my Ipod and then talking about it.

Leading a weekly Socratic discussion on The Office.

Watching my dog systematically destroy his stuffed giraffe.

Reading books from the used bookstore across the street and then recommending or not recommending them to people.

Trying every single Pop-Tart flavor and ranking them, using the 5-Star method (wait….)


Joining the old man who does Thai Chi in the park, near my house, on Saturdays, in his routine.


K. Myers said...

and to add to the list:

making awesome crafts/containers for kerri to package her amazing recipes in, since she has quit her job to become a baker.


Andrew said...

If I were paid to Googlechat, I could fund all of these things and Kerri's dream to become a baker. And I would buy you 48 black pugs. And one of them would be named Dr. Hugs.

Ashleigh said...

48?! hmmmmmm...

Anonymous said...


You forgot drinking "coffee" at Uptowner, for number one. (improved upon by hiring a companion coffee drinker... moi!)

MAN do I love you.

This is great.

And this is why I love reading "The Pathfinder" because is in some small iddy biddy way, it gives me hope that one or all of those occupations might just be feasible. haha....

and googlechatting with you is heaven.

your secret admirer.

ps- dang it! it's no secret now. haha

chatterboy said...

is that a picture of your actual neighbor doing Tai chi?

If it is, you best get your ass out there and join him!

Ashleigh said...

No, the real guy is much older... I just liked the picture. Lots.

Anonymous said...

ps- we could supplement Tai Chi with some Dahn Yoga across the street from you...

pps- please try Trader Joe's frosted strawberry immitation pop-tarts! they are organic and to me, highly enjoyable. different from pop-tarts, but similarly yummilicious!! k thanks. (go. now. eat one.)