Wednesday, November 14, 2007

THE LIST: The Next Step

As many of you may know, Ashleigh embarked on a quest this past May to try and consume every Pop-Tart flavor available to the public. Thus began, The Great Pop-Tart Experiment. As many of you may also know, Kellogg's has discontinued the very LAST Pop-Tart that she needed to try: the very elusive Frosted Grape. Since this has come to our attention, we have been trying our damnedest to get our hands on a box. We have made very little progress. I recently wrote to Kellogg's and, like Ashleigh, got a negative response. Here is the letter:

Mr. ______,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Pop-Tarts® Frosted Grape.

We no longer sell this product. When there is low consumer demand, the business decision is usually made to discontinue its production. We have no current plans to reintroduce this item. We do regret to advise you that once the product is discontinued any product that was last produced is automatically shipped out to be sold to the public. Since we do not have any remaining product, we would be unable to sell any to you.

We appreciate your interest in our products.


Miriam Cardenas
Consumer Affairs Department

Another dead end. Last night, I posted in the Food forum on Craigslist. I got about 6 responses, and one person said that they would look. We currently have people nationwide starting the search for any remaining shelved boxes of Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts. If you have been searching, we at Anchored Cubicle thank you. If you would like to search, please let us know which city and state you are looking in. There may be money in it for the person who finds a box.

This isn't over, Kellogg's. We've only just begun our search.



K. Myers said...

we will persevere!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha AMAZING!! "We shall overcome... We shall overcome, someday!"

I think someone should film a documentary about this nation-wide effort, rally the troops and all.

Katelin said...

Haha that's an awesome goal. Good luck finding the grape one!

Valerie said...


Anonymous said...

Public update needed.

ldshap00 said...

I saw Kewl beans all the time.

sinkchick said...

I live in northern NJ and have been looking for these for years. I thought they were a promotional item only out for a few months. Maybe the demand for these would increse if they were distributed more evenly across the country.

dcsnyder said...

did you find the Grape?