Thursday, September 13, 2007

In case you weren't aware, Harry Potter is equivalent to the Holocaust

I'm still in shock from this, so I'm sorry if I don't know how to begin. OK, Kerri sent me a link to this MySpace page. Look at it carefully. Looks like a normal club page right? Stupid graphics, terrible music. Wait. . .what's this? "Dry Bar" and "Private Prayer Rooms"? OK. So it's a Christian club. We can all agree that it's probably incredibly ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. If I lived in Colorado, I'd totally go check it out, but I'd probably be embarrassed the whole time and keep repeating "I'm sorry, Jesus."

Anyway, the music on the page is by this guy named Aviad Cohen. On the surface, he looks like a Christian DJ. But when you go to his website, you'll discover very quickly that this guy is more psychotic than he is Christian. He is about as severely fundamentalist as they come. Like. . .SCARY fundamentalist. Not, "LOL Pat Robertson your an idiot!!1RoFL!!" This guy is frightening.

You can check it out HERE for yourself. Under the "Interact" button, click "get a free CD." This is where the insanity begins. You can read the whole thing, but I'm going to pull a few quotes for you. Ahem:

"Just like many people don’t realize how harmful Harry Potter is to children AND ADULTS. It is a catastrophic epidemic similar to the Holocaust. Instead of Adolf Hitler raising up Nazi youth, it’s J.K. Rowling who is raising up Wiccan youth."

I'm sorry. That was a big one to start off with. Are you still breathing? OK. Let's take a step back.

"To top it off, for all you car aficionados who love the Lamborghini Diablo, I’d like to inform you that Diablo translates to “devil” What? You don't believe me? Look it up. Interesting to see how the devil plays a slight of hand trick on people by hiding his identity, yet presents himself through "Golden Calf-like" objects that are celebrated and revered as desirable, slick, attractive, fun, if you “literally roll with Satan" in the case of riding in the Lamborghini Diablo. . ."

Idiot. Alright, back to trashing Harry Potter.

"Harry Potter is being used to indoctrinate a generation into Wicca, encourage and educate children and adults on how to easily practice witchcraft, cast spells, all the while to keep people away from their Creator and ensnare them into a tasty web of demonic deceit. Be careful. The J.K. Rowling spider’s plan is to suck every bit of spirit out of you and inject demonic poison into your veins. This is real. Notice how her books look very similar in size to "Bibles" . . ."

Sigh. Keep going.

"And oh yes, Lord of the Rings is a witchcraft-based cult. It’s not a book, it's not an animation, it’s not a movie, it’s not a soundtrack, it’s not a game or a set of action figures – it’s a cult. Evil. So is Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe. Who put out the movie version? Disney. The MAGIC KINGDOM. Not God's Kingdom. Disney is the MAGIC KIGNDOM. God abhors magic and sorcery. Disney sells it to children from an early age. Disney's REAL CEO is SATAN HIMSELF. No joke. Too obvious."

Sooooo obvious.

This mental defect goes on to say that if you mail your Harry Potter and LOTR books to his record label. . .Hebrew Homie Records. . .sigh. . .he'll DESTROY THEM and in return you'll get an autographed CD that I'm sure will be the shittiest thing you've ever heard. They'll even pay S&H for the free CD!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Seriously, people like this shouldn't be allowed to have websites or even go near the internet. And I can GUARANTEE you that he's never even read a Harry Potter book based on his assessments. I don't recall bullet pointed step by step instructions in the 7 book series on how to EASILY do any of the made up spells. And if you read various posts by fans on the site, it's clear that same of them come from Jewish backgrounds. How are they not EXTREMELY offended by Harry Potter = Holocaust?

There are too many ridiculous things to point out. You do the rest. This is exhausting.

Oh, and if I didn't mention it already, he also goes by 50 Shekel.

50. Shekel.


K. Myers said...

it's amazing what happens when you click on a friend request instead of deleting it...i certainly opened pandora's box with this one!

well covered, andrew.

Ashleigh said...
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Ashleigh said...

Hey... way to pick on C.S. LEWIS... who no one in the whole world hates, no matter religious preference, belief, or mental capacity. Same with Tolkien... Nice job picking on your (I hesitate in saying this) own kind.

... and I'm pretty sure if HP was leading people to Wicca, CNN, 60 Mins., TMZ, and MTV's True Life would have all picked up on it...

Megan said...

true story ashleigh. amazing how this guy is the only one who has picked up on these things.

i find it fascinating how it is the idiots of the world that are always so cocksure about everything - and let me tell you there is nothing, NOTHING more frightening than an ignorant person with a cause.

Andrew said...

But don't you see, Ashleigh, the media is OWNED by THE DEVIL. CNN is owned by AOL/Time Warner (which owns TMZ) which partially owns TiVo with GE who has partial ownership of History and Biography channels with, you guessed it, DISNEY, who has Viacom owned theme park in Memphis, and we all know Viacom owns MTV and CBS which airs 60 as you can see, there's NO WAY the DEVIL MEDIA would let this news get out!! It would ruin the DEVIL'S PLAN. It's TOOOOO OBVIOUS.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I am pretty stunned. There REALLY are people out there that are that crazy, hunh. Wowza.

Did you notice on his login page that the keyboard behind him has J-E-S-U-S lit up in it? Thankfully for him, Jesus is full of love beyond our belief, but unfortunately, this dude is full of insanity. You're right.

I totally agree with Ashleigh. CS Lewis is the MAN. And about the lambourghini "Diablo"? Come on, man. Does anyone really have to look up what that means?

The sad thing is that on his site some poor defenseless little girl named Hannah talks about having brought his cd to her art class. The virus is spreading.

chatterboy said...

Anyone who has enough time in their day to receive Harry Potter books in the mail, destroy them, create shitty music, record it, package it up, and send it free of charge to the people who sent in the Harry Potter books, is the Devil in my book.

And didn't Hitler destroy books that he felt went against his beliefs? Mmmmhh...interesting...


Anonymous said...

"Aviad utilizes his Yahweh-given talents to share the Truth through music, online media and live appearances. Please note, Aviad Cohen is not a performer...he is a praiser. He is here to praise Yah! Oh yeah, he's also the artist formerly known as 50 Shekel."

true story.

Ashleigh said...

Who shorten's "Yahweh" to "Yah"?