Monday, September 24, 2007


A shout out to the hard working human beings posting on Overheard in the Office.
Sweet mother, the working world is so awesome.


Megan said...

For those of you who will not slack enough today to read all of these - here are some of my favs:

Doctor to patient with teardrop tattoo under eye: That's a pretty cool tattoo. Where'd you get it?
Patient, uneasily: Uh... At this place I used to stay.
Doctor: That wouldn't be jail, would it?
Patient: Maybe...


Male cube rat: I need a word that rhymes with 'vaginal.'
Female cube rat #1: Why?
Male cube rat: I'm writing a poem.
Female cube rat #1: What kind of poem has the word 'vaginal' in it?
Male cube rat: Don't interrogate me. Just help me out.
Female cube rat #2: This poem isn't about me, is it?
Male cube rat: I'll bet Alfred Lord Tennyson didn't have to put up with a bunch of fucking questions.


Art director, peeling an orange: I wish homeless people smelled like oranges.


Friendly worker guy: Hey, you guys -- I just took one sip of this energy drink and I don't really want it. Does anyone want it? [No one answers. A few minutes later] Hey, you guys -- there is a lot of turkey on this sandwich. Does anyone want some?
Normal worker guy: Hey, you guys -- I've had this peanut M&M in my mouth for four days. Does anyone want it?


Ancient lesbian waitress: You ever tried to buy dental dams at three A.M. in the Bible belt?
Wide-eyed teen bus boy: Uh... I have sooo many questions about what you just said...

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh = THE COOLEST!!