Friday, October 12, 2007

Bad Ass of the Week: Tyler Warman

Take a look at these crappy pictures. Please notice that the red car is parked directly behind the gray car, blocking it's exit. Please notice my roommate, Tyler, smiling.
Here's the story: We pay every month to park in the parking spot that the pictured gray car is sitting in. Correction: We pay every month for Tyler's red car to park in the spot that the pictured gray car is sitting in.
Problem. This has been happening a lot lately. So much, in fact, that my other roommate, Beth, has the towing company in her cell phone address book (another notable bad ass activity). Unfortunately, the car usually wises up and leaves with it's owner before the towing company arrives, creating anger deep within all of us.
So, this is what Tyler did. She blocked the car in, wrote a note detailing their fault, and her contact information (in case they should return and want to move their car), and then called the towing company explaining that she would be happy to move her car when they arrived.
Well, this time, the towers got there before the driver, dragging the car out of the spot, and dinging the front bumper on the curb.
Since then, we have had no other problems keeping our parking spot free of violators.


Andrew said...

Can Tyler be my friend too? AMAZING.

Ashleigh said...


Megan said...

LOVES it! total badass.

Gangstaa Ty said...

andrew, can you handle a badass friend?

Ashleigh said...

ahahahaha gangstaa ty.

too a's, it's so gagsta.

Andrew said...

Hells yeah gangstaa ty. HELLS yeah.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a badass mother who don't take no shit from nobody."
~ Cool Runnings.


Anonymous said...


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