Friday, October 19, 2007

UPDATE: While Whole Foods is Worth the Price

Please read above mentioned post if you haven't already.


After my phone call and email of complaint to Giant, I have been called by the following people:

Customer Care Agent
The Shift Manager
The Assistant Store Manager
The District Manager
The Store Manager

They have all been really nice and apologetic.


Nia will not be terminated. She received a stern talking to, the proper documentation was put in her file, and she has to attend diversity training sessions.

I am glad they are giving a lot of attention to this matter.

But, as I recall, I didn't ask them to try to make her a better person. I asked for her to be fired.

And, I have not been offered a Giant gift card. I mean, that's just common sense.


K. Myers said...

fired, yes.
gift card, definitely yes.
lame, inconsiderate, prejudice people? a big NO.

Andrew said...

Nia's diversity training will likely be similar to the Diversity Day episode of The Office. . .a complete joke.

Ryan said...

W/e, she'll just get pregnant soon anyway. OHhhh karma.