Monday, October 15, 2007

The List: An Update

So, to start this off, please refer to this site:

To end this off, please refer to the letter I have written to Kellogg's (maker of Pop Tarts):
Dear Kellogg Company:

Good afternoon! About seven months ago I set out on a very important quest to try every single Pop-Tart flavor in existence, rate each one, and determine the very best flavor. I’m not kidding around. There is a list, including every flavor, stuck between my refrigerator and a smiley face magnet in my kitchen. The system I chose to rate each kind of Pop-Tart is the age-old, elementary school approach: The Five Star Method. For example, Hot Chocolate Pop-Tarts have received a 4.5 Star Rating, while Strawberry Cheese Danish Pop-Tarts received a 2 Star Rating. This is, of course, based on personal preference.
However, I seem to have reached a block in the road. I have one flavor left to try on my list and as fate would have it, Grape Pop-Tarts have been discontinued. All this being said, I am wondering if Kelloggs Company would be willing to donate a box of Grape Pop-Tarts to me, so that I can finish my self proclaimed challenge. Obviously, I am a huge Pop-Tarts fan. Thank you so much for your consideration and I very much look forward to hearing from you.


Ashleigh Hill

Also, I realize, for those of you keeping track, that I have two flavors left to try. Tonight I will be driving to a grocery store 15 miles from my home to buy Chocolate Caramel Pop Tarts.



Anonymous said...

Dedication indeed.

Dedication and strategery.

Drew said...

the things that matter to us....

Megan said...

you inspire us all. you truly do. if kellogg's grants your wish... world peace will surely follow.

Ashleigh said...

... the things i spend my work day doing...