Thursday, June 28, 2007


Spice Girls are reuniting.
And it feels so good.

With 11 shows to choose from, I'm sure I'm well on my way to crossing off #108 on my Things To Do Before I Die list, which would be "See Spice Up Your Life Performed Live."



K. Myers said...

zing! hahaha

Ryan said...

Wait... are you really going? I want to go. lol.

Megan said...

i hope #107 was to see the spice girls movie AND pay to see it in the theatre.

if it wasn't - kerri and i can tell you alll about it.

Andrew said...

Who are you people?

chatterboy said...

Damn straight.

Throw your body down and wind it all around, betch.

K. Myers said...

"if you wanna be my lover..."

Ashleigh said...

Ryan and I applied for tickets to the Dec. 11th show in NYC.

FYI- That's a few days after my birthday. I'm pretty sure seeing The Spice Girls would be the greatest present (pleaseGodplease)one could receive upon turning 24.