Friday, June 8, 2007

Free Doesn't Mean "Good Deal"

Here we go again. More free crap from Craigslist.

FREE!! Microsoft Office 97 book/video

So, let me get this straight. You're offering, FOR FREE, a training manual about incredibly outdated Microsoft software and VHS cassettes about said software?!?!? So generous. Seriously, if anyone is still running Office 97 on their computer and they need a training manual, then I've lost all hope for our society.

*FREE* 52" Pioneer TV

How do you spell worthless? That's right! Broken 52'' TV! Good job! If I remember anything about Pioneer TVs of yesteryear, they're about as big as a flatbed truck, and 10 times as heavy. They take up an entire wall while delivering all the picture clarity of a projection movie on a bed sheet. It's barely even worth the effort to move it to the curb, let alone finding a vehicle large enough to transport it. "Cracked screen" but the picture's "fine"? It "doesn't turn on" but it "worked last week"? Nice work jack ass. You're a freakin' marketing genius.

Free Human Hair

I'm not sure what disgusts me more: someone having some sick attachment to a nasty wig they wore once, or the encouragement of the general public to use it to "make a fun beard." I don't know you and I don't know where the wig came from, so I'm certainly not going to affix that thing anywhere on, around, or near my face. Maybe you had a grand ol' time trying to fool your friends into believing you grew a sleek, foot-long beard since you saw them last, but thats not my idea of "fun."


K. Myers said...

ohhh man, SO funny. the first one's my favorite.

Ashleigh said...

I don't need a job, I'll just SELL MY HAIR ON CRAIGSLIST...