Monday, June 11, 2007

who really needs hubcaps, anyway?

so, i dont have the best luck with hubcaps. it could be that i suck at driving, but we'll just say it's bad luck.
since january, i have lost 3 out of my 4 hubcaps. here is how it all went down:
*hubcap #1 : lost on the PA turnpike on the way to philly while texting and driving - i ran over the bumpy strip and it rolled off across the highway.
*hubcap #2: i scraped up against the curb at the mcdonald's drive thru (TWICE) and it came off when i drove away, i guess.
*hubcap #3: i cut the curve on the exit off the highway a little too close and it flew off after i scraped against the curb.
so yes, im now down to ONE hubcap. fortunately, my father is going to replace them for me - well, i have to pay for them, but he's going to go buy them and put them on and stuff.
so yeah, i suck at driving. or at keeping hubcaps. or i just suck at life. whateverrr it's fiiine. :)
but for all of you other bad drivers out there, you're not alone, you're not alone...


Andrew said...

Texting while driving? Fine. Running into curbs? Who cares. I'm more concerned about you eating at McDonalds. Sick. :P

K. Myers said...

ok, let me clarify - it was to get ICED COFFEE, the only thing worth gettin at mcd's. i promise. :)