Monday, June 4, 2007

An Ethical Dilemma

so im sitting at work, browsing the FB. (which stands for Facebook, for all you people that couldnt deciper that one.) and it turns out you can start using this new thing called Trakzor that tells you who's visiting your fb and when you visit theirs.

now, i can't decide - do i add this because im nosy enough to see who wants to see my profile?
or do i not add it, because then everyone i stalk will know that im stalking them, even though
they're probably stalking me because im that awesome and everyone does.

i mean, really, life is just getting more and more complicated every day, and it is problems like these that keep from actually doing my job and instead contemplating the immortal decision: Trakzor or No Trakzor?

you decide.

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