Friday, June 8, 2007

Down With Corporate Media!!!!!!

I hate our media. Yes, it is true that I was a Media Studies major. But the more I watch news reports on celebrities, and listen to the interviews done by word-twisting bastards, I wonder whether anyone in the field of journalism really gives a shit anymore.

Paris Hilton's jail sentence, or lack of a jail sentence, is not news. Sure, some money-grubbing new executive whore might say "It's in the public interest" as he lights up a cigar with a fifty dollar bill, but it's only in the public interest because the media plays it out like a freakin' Law & Order episode. This isn't an OJ high speed chase, fly the helicopters back to the hangers. I get so pissed every time someone with money makes the news because they turn out to be a dumb ass. Oh, Lindsay Lohan crashed her car. Golly, Isaiah Washington is kicked off Grey's Anatomy. So and so is a drunken drug addict. OK, I acknowledge the humanity of all people. It's true. I do. But we're getting to a point where the line between News and Entertainment is incredibly blurry.

I was watching an interview on CNN of Dennis Kucinich by Paul Zahn, and I wanted to punch her stupid face. Look at her follow up question to Representative Kucinich's statement about the war in Iraq and supporting the troops:

KUCINICH: Their sacrifices are pure. Their sacrifices are an expression of their love of country. And we should honor all of those who would serve our country and would be willing to put their lives on the line.
However, those who would be president have a higher responsibility never to cause the lives of the men and women who serve this country to be put in jeopardy for anything except the defense of our country. And frankly...

ZAHN: And that's not what's happening in this war in Iraq. So are you demeaning their service by saying what you're saying?

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?? No, you stupid idiot! That is not what he's saying! I'm so tired of reporters trying to cause controversy for the sake of controversy by backing people into a corner. Stop trying to get a reaction, Paula Zahn, and ask a real question. She barely asked a real question during the entirety of the interview. Her follow up questions made it sound like she hardly even listened to his answers. Instead she most likely focused on her pensive reporter face. Oh, and here's a tip Paula Zahn: pausing for dramatic effect during an interview just makes you look like an idiot.


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K. Myers said...

amen. DOUBLE amen.