Monday, May 14, 2007

Free Doesn't Mean "Good Deal"

We all check out Craigslist from time to time. Some more than others. I personally like checking out the "Free" section to see what I can find. Somehow we have had the idea engraved in our brains that free means good deal. I think this list of Craigslist free items will disprove that idea forever.

(Click on the subject of each ad to be taken to the page itself)

bushes you dig up freeee

Woo hoo!! Nothing says "bargain" like a few hours of back-breaking yard work. Thanks for nothing.

Free Trophies - Figure Skating & Waterskiing

For those of you who have never accomplished anything in life: someone else's accomplishments. The ad even boasts that you can use these trophies to "impress your friends." My friends might be a little concerned if I was 1st Place Wisconsin Overall Champion in Womens Waterskiing. Sad. Very, very sad.


A free structure. Well, that sounds like a good deal. Until you get there are realize you have to move a gazebo. Without damaging the person's yard. Their SMALL yard. Oh and make sure you do it quickly. They don't want you taking all day moving this 18 foot by 12 foot gazebo.

Twin mattress FREE

Now there's something I've always wanted; a used mattress. Sanitary, classy, safe. Now you can rest easy knowing this is a safe piece of furniture because someone else has already sweated and pissed all over it. And when they're putting it by the curb, you know it's gotta be good!

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