Wednesday, May 23, 2007


A Haiku by Andrew

What is that I hear?
A distant voice calls for me
“Less work, more pizza”

The Drive to Work
A Haiku by Ashleigh

Coffee burns my tongue;
The day starts like a bad knee
(consistent, swollen).

A Haiku by Andrew

Cage doors closing quick
Mute strangers look at the floor
Damn this is awkward

Computer Nerds Make Me Feel Mediocre and Uncultured
A Haiku, by Ashleigh

Java is not a
Real and honest language.
Stop claiming such things.

A Haiku by Andrew

How to avoid work:
Chagrined look, perfect disguise
Read Harry Potter

How I Feel About the Time Following a Snack Break

A Haiku by Ashleigh

At 3 pm I
Will eat two awesome Pop Tarts.
3:05 – Uhhgg.


melanie said...

hahahahaha. this made my day.

Hawley said...

haicube, high talent. gotta say.