Friday, May 4, 2007

Yeah, nice try.

Leaving work. What a great feeling. You flip off your computer, flip the phone to voicemail, grab your bag and you're off. Yesterday, as I was leaving, I had to drop a FedEx package before I headed home. As I was getting off the elevator I realized I forgot my jacket upstairs. So I dropped off the package and headed back towards the elevators. A gentleman had just stepped off an elevator so I hopped in before it closed. I chose poorly. This "gentleman" blew a rank one in the elevator before he got to the lobby. And the elevator sealed its filthy aroma for me. This guy thought he was going to get away with it. He thought no one would ever know. But I knew. Good Lord, how I knew. That's not exactly how you want to end your day of work. So how about it elevator farters? Why not leave your gaseous ass for the outside world where it can diffuse, not closed quarters used by an entire building? Thanks.


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