Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This is our first edition of Haicube, a collection of office-based Haiku. Brew a cup of green tea, pick yourself a lotus flower, and read some boredom-inspired poetry.

Work (A Haiku)

A Haiku by Ashleigh

Desk - You are too much

(not quite enough) like my Bed.

This irritates me.

Time sheets
A Haiku by Andrew

Ramu worked 40
I have the proof on my screen
I really don't care


A Haiku by Ashleigh

Six pages marked with

indecipherable ink.

Forehead smacks my palm.

Taking a message
a Haiku by Andrew

I took a message
"I'll let them know very soon."
Post-It in the trash.

The Metro: Farragut West

A Haiku by Ashleigh

The seats smell like pee.

The man to my left proclaims;

"I am so bad ass."

a Haiku by Andrew

Stack of papers sit
Searching for 3-Ringed Home
Google Chat instead

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Anonymous said...

These are amazing. and will become a book someday. awesome.