Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"I Will Most Likely Not be Your Friend if..."

you come to the grand city of Chicago for a corporate business conference and decide to wear crocs with your slacks and collared shirt. I am wearing heels. They kind of hurt. However, because, to a certain extent, I believe in upholding a reputable appearance, I am wearing them. Also, we're not attending meetings at a HoJo's, the rooms have fully stocked mini bars and lunch today offered a vegetarian option. Get your act together and join the rest of our indoor, civilized society.

Buck up.

Put on your work shoes sweetie. Really, you shouldn't be able to wear them anywhere but next to a camp fire, while eating Kashi Go Lean bars, and after hiking 35 miles under hair you haven't combed in, ohhhh maybe 5 weeks.

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