Thursday, August 16, 2007

Etiquette/Norms/Mores/Social Constructions. . .LEARN 'EM ALREADY.

As a budding, er, young professional trying to earn a living, I have started to make some observations about the business world. I've learned that some people are, like me, just trying to earn that paycheck. I've learned that others are complete dicks and consider themselves better than everyone else. And I've learned that there are some pretty genuine people out there.

I work in a fairly nice office building. It's 10 stories, solid AC, nice maintenance guy. The elevators sound like they're going to snap and fall every time I get in them, but other than that I like this place. You run into a lot of different people when you work in a building that houses dozens of offices. Most of them, aside from the people down the hall who burn incense and stink up our floor, seem like decent humans. But then there are days, like today for example, where I question what kind of people (men in particular) I am coexisting with in this structure. All this said, I must pose the question to not just men, but to everyone: what man would think that pissing on a toilet seat and leaving behind a plethora of pubic hair is acceptable?

Seriously. If one must urinate in a stall, not the urinals, it would make sense to at least pick up the seat. You'd have to be pretty confident in your stream to believe that you wouldn't have the smallest bit stray from your intended course. Even if your aim is impeccable, it's not worth the risk. And also, notice that I had previously used the word "plethora" to describe the amount of pubic hair. When it comes to pubic hair, or ANY hair for that matter, on a PUBLIC TOILET, one hair is a too many, more than one is a plethora. There were at least 4 or 5. Unacceptable. It seems to me you'd have to posses one of three qualities to achieve such a gross misuse of a public space: A.) Blind B.) Drunk as hell C.) A complete jackass. Perhaps their could be a combination of all three.

Whatever the case, it's just wrong. Very, very wrong. I don't need to beat this topic to death, so I will sum it up with one word: SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK.


K. Myers said...

be glad you have urinals- this is the story of a woman's life - it's pretty much impossible to go to a woman's restroom with out urine or pubic hair being on 90% of the toilets. UGH.

megan said...

and i think thats the point. the women have no choice. but the men can choose the urinal or the stall. knowing the that stall could pose some problems - they choose it anyway. thus - i'm going to go with complete jackass.

although i have had some sitings of a combination of all 3.