Monday, August 27, 2007

Media Priorities Are A JOKE

When I was in high school, I wrote an article for my school newspaper about. . .well, the short version is that our school was obsessed with football. ESPECIALLY after our team won state. The school went nuts and had assemblies, made all sorts of crappy merchandise, called the driveway into our school "State Champs Drive" and they placed this huge monstrosity of a sign out in front of our school. In doing this, they completely overlooked the other sports teams and clubs that had been making similar achievements EVERY YEAR. This is the first time our football won state EVER. They sucked before this. Anyway, it seems our media, much like my former high school, has chosen sports over more important news. We are a culture obsessed with celebrities, gossip, and juicy scandals. But seriously. . .Michael Vick?

Let's take a poll: Is Michael Vick saying "I was a bad wittle boy" really more important than the resignation of the Attorney General of the United States?


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, that is true. Having gone to UGA, I know what you are talking about! Both the over-emphasis on football AND Michael Vick (helloo, atlanta falcons?).

Media these days, in my opinion, is no longer "news" in the sense of information about what is going on and what is important to know and be updated on, but rather, mass pop culture and dumbed down stories selected with the average uneducated american in mind.

It's sad. Because Average America is like one big fat ugly strip mall.

Ashleigh said...

No. But Gonzales resigning was on the front of the paper this morning... and Vick was on the second page... then again he has been for about 3 months.

ldshap00 said...

I am a huge football fan I know how it contributes to community pride (Go Skins!), however, because I was born __IN__ Washington, DC, I also am sick of politics and government. I also think Michael Vick is not a human being... oh I think this is ramblings.

K. Myers said...

no, and no.

i should also add that i went to messiah college, a school where they "dont give out athletic scholarships" (riiight) but they are freakin obsessed with their soccer team whom the calendar is DEDICATED to. seriously, cant i turn to the next month and see something OTHER than a lame soccer player from messiah with bad hair and a headband? come onnnn.