Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Good Way to Win Something Sweet (Contest)

This weekend my roommates and I each received our Personal Property Tax statements. On these, the county treasuerer lists the assessed value of one's vehicle. I own a '92 Buick (see, crappy, blurry pictures before) with one missing hubcap.

Here's the game. The person closest to guessing how much the government thinks my car is worth will receive a prize. I haven't decided exactly what the prize will be, but I can promise that it will be awesome and completely worth the time it takes you to guess a dollar amount. I'll even give you a hint: the cash value of my Buick is between $0 and $32,000. That probably won't help. At all.


- One guess per person.
- If you live with me or read my mail you are exempt from the contest, and also possibly creepy.
- If you try and use Google to figure out the amount I. Will. Find. Out.
- The end date for this contest is Friday, Aug. 24th.

Good luck.

T Minus 27 days


Megan said...


Andrew said...

This has to be a trick. There is no WAY that car is less than $32,000.

Ryan said...


Andrew said...

There needs to be an end date for this contest. "All entries must be received/posted by (DATE)and the winner will be notified on(DATE)."


Ashleigh said...

That's what I was thinking.
The end date is this friday (8/24).

Maybe I should add that to the post.

ldshap00 said...


ldshap00 said...

Oops! $950.00

K. Myers said...


oh - i cant do it like price is right? fine. let's go with...$875.

Anonymous said...

$799.72 with a cherry on top

Kristen Reinders said...