Friday, August 17, 2007

Introducing Our New Writers

We have two new writers. It’s really fantastic. I thought it best to introduce them before they dove right into the mix. I’m such a lady. Look at me.

Doug sleeps during the day and works at night, but he can access the internet on his phone so he'll totally blog then. He has good taste in music and doesn’t put up with your crap. He's excited.

Megan is pretty and has a good sense of humor. She likes chips and fun facts about silly celebrities. She works during the day, usually sleeps at night and hangs out with K. Myers. Sometimes when they're chilling the world verges on implosion due to the severe concentration of awesomeness contained in one area of the universe. So, if one day that happens and we're all gone to be with Jesus, you'll know wwwhhhyyyy.

Here's a recent picture:

Welcome! We have drinks. Make yourself at home.

T-Minus 29 days.


Andrew said...

Welcome!!!!!! WOO!!!!!

K. Myers said...

the HOTTNESS. love it.

Megan said...

omg that picture really IS of me. i have those exact shorts on right now!

and that really IS doug in the background. he's just black now.

Andrew said...

Doug looks like a very unhappy pre-black white boy. I think he's jealous of your fish.

Megan said...

well - i tried to explain to him that not everyone can catch fish with their bare hands, but he got upset and just decided to ruin the picture with that pathetic excuse for a gang sign he's throwing up with his hands