Monday, August 6, 2007

Kids are cute/Apparently I look like hell

On Saturday I went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants with one of my favorite people when I ran off to the bathroom to TCOB (Take Care Of Business for those of you who aren't hip to the lingo). When I arrived at the bathroom, there was a boy who was ahead of me, about 8-10 years of age. We stood in silence for about 3 seconds before he gestured to the chain dangling from my back pocket.

"Is that your wallet?" he asked.
"Yes, yes it is," I replied.
He quickly pulled up the side of his shirt to reveal a plastic chain hooked to his pants which I assume was also attached to a wallet.
"I have one too," the boy said, "But mine is Power Rangers."
"Cool," I said weakly.
The boys eyes moved from my wallet to my keys hanging opposite of my wallet.
"Do you have a car?" the boy asked, wide eyed.
"Yes, I do." I said simply.
The boy paused for a moment and then glanced up at me again.
"How old are you?" he asked finally.
"I'm 23."
The boys face contorted as if he had just seen or heard something amazing. His mouth dropped open slightly.
"Really?" he said, puzzled, "I thought you were in your 30's."

I went on to say that I just graduated from college last year. We talked about college for a moment before the bathroom finally opened up and he went inside. I thought about how neat and inquisitive this kid was and how he had no fear to just ask a stranger tons of questions. I'm sure he's every teacher's little dream. But then I thought about how I looked like I was in my 30's. Maybe this kid has a distorted view of age, or maybe I just look like hell.

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Anonymous said...

Bathroom moments can be so awkward. At least this wasn't as you made use of urinals, eh? haha... And for a kid his age, anyone over like 16 is old, married, and has kids.

At least, I feel like kids feel that way. I'm your age and a year ago a kid asked me if I was married and like consoled me after finding out I wasn't. He was like "It's okay. I'll marry you."

Gee thanks. I get to marry a kid who's almost 20 years younger than me, eats everything in site, and whose butt I've had to wipe. Awesome. haha...

Kids are hilarious.

And hey, at least he didn't think you were also 8.