Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Product Review: Bubble Yum – Hershey’s Genuine Chocolate Flavor

I always try new candy. I scan the gum, mint and small chocolate candy section next to the tabloids when waiting in line at the grocery and sometimes I see something new. This week it was Hershey’s flavored Bubble Yum. My roommate and I took our time; we started by smelling the tootsie-roll like gum before moving on to taste. Listen. The only thing you want to do when you’re chewing chocolate Bubble gum is swallow it. When that doesn’t happen you want to immediately spit out the gum, stick your mouth under a water facet and then follow up with a shower and antibiotics.
If your target market is eight year old boys and not 20-something females (and I’m guessing for Bubble Yum, that’s about right) then this was probably a really good idea. Otherwise – Chocolate gum? Really? It’s appalling. Who puts chocolate in gum?!

I think we all know the answer to this.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

T Minus 24 days.


Anonymous said...

hahaha wow gross. Stick to watermelon. somehow, i think cotton candy was actually a good idea for bubble yum flavor - but more because that is essentially bright colors and TONS of sugar. That's about all the ingredients. Nothin' else. Surriously. Just sugar and chewy stuff. Good for kids. Nutritious.

Andrew said...


Ashleigh said...

ah yes, I forgot to mention that there are 25 calories per piece. That 5x as many as most gums.

It's like a bon-bon.

K. Myers said...

hahahahahah omg omg omg. LISTEN. ashleigh you are freakin hilarious.
and chocolate gum is of the devil. as is JTT.

Doug said...

chocolate gum...
First it was chocolate bars. Then kisses. Then various other assorted candies. Then suddenly there is a holiday devoted to chocolate and cleverly disguised with love (Valentines Day). Then a theme park to draw people in droves. Even the town of Hershey has "Kiss" shaped street lights and actually smells like chocolate.
The subliminal attacks are too obivious to be ignored any longer!

I think Milton Hershey could be the next super villain. Right up there with Hitler. Think about it there is a devoted army of people willing to fight and die for chocolate; women, and an international presence which conveniently is a million dollar industry; the Hershey Corporation, and a group of victims that are fighting to survive the antagonists onslaught; Diabetics.

I believe that if we're not careful we could be on the edge of WWIII and this "innocent" gum could just be the kerosene coated kindling.

Oh well sucks to be diabetic.

Ashleigh said...

... the 1/5 chewed pack is sitting on my desk right now!! The demon seed, the spawn of Hatred....